WEILAN's mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable creation and production.

"Life is finite and short. What’s the meaning of it? What’s exciting about it? And how can one's life go beyond life itself to the pursuit of the real beauty of it, and benefit others at the same time? These questions are circling around my head for many years." - An Anounomous Engineer


The primitive idea of exploring the infinity was formed in 1995 when one of WEILAN's engineers experienced an epiphany and then went to top scientists and thought leaders looking for answers. After 15 years of thinking and exploring, the engineer formed the original plan of how to pursuit it in 2010. Since then, the engineer planned and started a series of companies practicing this grand plan. 10 years later in 2020, after one-year preparation, WEILAN officially started to operate and began to execute its part of the grand plan. And here is WEILAN’s Grand Secret Plan.

The Grand Secret Plan

WEILAN was founded in 2019 by a group of engineers who are determined to bring the best AI and Robotics innovations to our society for a better future. We looked at the big picture of technology, people, environment, economy and society, and started to solve the problem of building a more sustainable society by accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable creation and production.

Since the beginning of the Industrial revolution, Gross World Product (GWP) has grown from 1 trillion USD level to 100 trillion USD level. From 1950 to 2019, the world population has grown from 2.5 billion to 7.7 billion (3x), and the GWP has grown from 4 trillion USD to 87 trillion USD (22x). Humanity has been prospering by increasing our productivity to sustain such a tremendous growth of both population and economy. But our current solution of productivity is far from sustainable to everyone's knowledge. If we keep growing in this rude manner, our planet won't survive, and so are ourselves.

It's good news that many leaders from all over the world are seriously considering a more sustainable way of developing our society. We see a lot of research institutes and high-tech companies working on sustainable energy in recent decades. But we do see another urgent crisis happening on our planet.

We human beings have two fundamental capabilities, aka brain and brawn. And both of these two capabilities require energy consumption. Thus, the three fundamental elements for humanity are energy, brain and brawn. All the tools and technologies we use are basically enhancing either our brain or brawn. And we use these two fundamental capabilities to solve every problem we face, including creating and producing everything we need to sustain our survival and prosperity.

Therefore, besides solving the sustainable energy problem, we also have to solve the general problem of creating and producing everything we need to secure humanity's survival and prosperity in a sustainable way.

The technological solution of accomplishing this mission is right in front of us, which is the combination of advanced AI and Robotics, which are the corresponding technologies to dramatically enhance our brain and brawn. We are in urgent needs to develop cost-effective AI and Robotics technologies to reform our way of creation and production. Or otherwise, we won't survive 2050 under the current growth rate with our current creation and production approach.

We designed an absurdly ambitious three-step plan to make it happen.
1. Build Personal Robots for every home and every business, to accelerate the technological revolution of AI and Robotics;
2. Build Type I robots to drive the long-term sustainable growth of our planet;
3. Build Type II robots to help humanity develop stronger survivability as a stellar civilization.
And we leave the mission of developing the Type III technologies to our descendants.

We are aware that our plan is crazy and absurd by any reasonable standard, but we are going to work really hard to make it happen. And the work we do will benefit humanity as well as people's daily lives from Day One.