Brief Words on the Inaugural Launch of WEILAN Website

Hey fellows, we can't wait to present the WEILAN website to you. Along with the website, we also launch this Blog as a casual place to communicate with our users and the public. Here, we don't intend to do those carefully drafted official publications. It's really just a place to share with you.

As a pioneering technological innovation, quadruped robot and/or Personal Robot market is about to take off. Globally, there are only half a dozen companies ready to serve this market. We are aware of many more participants to come within the next few years, and we are optimistically expecting the booming of this new market. For the purpose of better serving this vital market that is bound to thrive, we launch this content-rich and commercially mature website among our peer group to fill the gap between the technology and the market.

We think that healthy and differentiated competition is generally a good thing for the market. WEILAN positioned itself as building Personal Robots instead of research- or industrial-application-oriented quadruped robots. WEILAN is the world's first company that is positioned this way - building quadruped robots as Personal Robots for every home and every business. All the other quadruped robot companies are either not openly selling to the market or are targeting research and/or industrial-application niche markets.

WEILAN believe that all the companies of our peer group are respectable, since they are all pioneers bold enough to explore this exciting new territory. Together with our peer group, many more users can be better served. All these efforts will accelerate the adoption rate of quadruped robots and ultimately bring robot innovations to the mass market, which will accelerate the transition to sustainable creation and production. And that's the future we want to see. Therefore, we welcome more talented people to join this adventure.

We know that our website is not good enough to serve our users and we still have a long way to go. But there is always a Day One for every great company. Please support us along this exciting journey. We will work really hard and we are grateful for your support.