WEILAN's mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable creation and production.

WEILAN was founded in 2019 by a group of engineers who are determined to bring the best AI and Robotics innovations to our society for a better future. WEILAN looked at the big picture of technology, people, environment, economy and society, and started to solve the problem of building a more sustainable society by accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable creation and production. If you are interested in this vision, you can check out our Grand Secret Plan.

WEILAN's first step towards this goal is to build Personal Robots for every home and every business, to accelerate the technological revolution of AI and Robotics, which will enable us to solve the problem of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable creation and production.

In 2019, WEILAN launched the world's first Quadruped Personal Robot Project - AlphaDog, which unveiled the world's first production quadruped robot that can reach over 3 m/s running speed, and it's also the world's first high-performance quadruped robot that is positioned as general Personal Robot. The unprecedented running speed of AlphaDog proves its cutting-edge motion control technology.

And WEILAN released AlphaDog C-Series and AlphaDog E-Series products to the market in early 2020.

With further and continuous hihgly focused R&D, the 2nd generation of WEILAN AlphaDog C-series achieved a number of technological break-throughs, including major technological break-throughs like maximum speed ( 4.15 m/s ), which is faster than the previous world record ( 3.7 m/s ) in the same class created by MIT mini Cheetah ( MIT research project ).

At the end of March 2021, WEILAN released the brand new 5th generation of AlphaDog C-Series and AlphaDog E-Series products to developers and industry clients respectively.

It's just the very beginning. With WEILAN building more and more powerful robots, WEILAN is going to bring good intelligent machines to benefit more people, ultimately accelerating the advent of sustainable creation and production to our society. And by then, together with other leaders and pioneers, WEILAN will be able to bring a sustainable society to each and every one of us - that's the future we are determined to make happen.